An ADVENTURE, Charlie…

Voici le truc.

I’m packing. I’m moving. Yes, it sucks. Yes, I break into tears almost daily now (mostly alone, but increasingly around friends). Yes, my apartment is becoming super bare. Yes, my storage unit is getting very full. Yes, my back hurts. Yes, I’ve stopped sleeping well. Yes, I’m probably losing hair, and my face is breaking out, and we still have to set up shop in a new home, and, and, and…

Hey, you know what, ma chérie? That’s moving! (Say whaaaaat?) Yeah, that’s moving. And fine, I can dig it. What’s great is that it isn’t so hard in the end as a true Sentimentalist — throwing things out, packing things in, giving things away — hell, maybe I’m a Middler after all. Wouldn’t that just be swell (see prior post to delve into a possibly nonsensical categorisation of the types of people there are when it comes to throwing personal items in the bin)!

Being good at throwing things away and packing and moving isn’t everything though, so in a spiritual quest to be slightly better at all of these activities and emotions involved with moving (channelling inner 18-yr-old Me who was very okay with picking up and carrying on), I’m allowing it to matter. It has to matter right now because if it doesn’t, I will miss something (or someone) in my goodbyes. I will forget to say something I mean to say. I will let someone down, maybe even myself. It seems a bit much, perhaps, but it’s a necessary evil at the moment. I’m allowing it all to matter, each little thing, so that I can then choose to move forward and focus on what’s next. It’s not as easy as some people make it seem, but I’d like to think that somewhere in there, 18-yr-old Me is at least a little proud of Now-Me for attempting sentimentalism with a side of boldness.

Hey! Guess what! I’m going on an adventure! Soon!

And in the meantime I am trying to not get bogged down by all the little things that I have to do between now and D-day. “Departure day”? “Doomsday”? What does the D even stand for now? Okay, I’ve just decided to call it “Damn-fine-day.”

So, Damn-fine-day is Monday. Monday is in, oh, five days. That means that I have to finish packing and moving into storage before then, and get the apartment back to near spotless, and fix all the little broken bits, and say all my goodbyes… in five days.

Can I do this? Of course I can.

One, I can do it because I have help (good-griefy-ladypants, how I appreciate the people I love). Two, I can do it because I know me and I’ll flipping do it. I warn you, I’ll do all of it — and I’ll do it well. Three, I can do it because I just have to. Requirement is, in the end, the greatest motivator to finally reach that finishline.

What I keep failing to mention and keep failing to bring up in my day-to-day convos, however, is that all of this has a purpose. I mean, this isn’t to say that I figured out the meaning of life (I did that ages ago with Deep Thought’s assistance) and I know exactly what will happen every day from here on out; but I do know what I’m doing next: I am going on an adventure.

Here is where I tell you the fun stuff. Are you ready?

My partner and I have both quit our jobs and put some money away for play time. We mostly intend to travel, volunteer, donate time and energy and get back in touch with our creative and musical selves. To start, we will be departing on 17 January for a five- to six-week roadtrip through Spain and Portugal. We wanted to allow ourselves a bit of a holiday together to celebrate our departure from desk jobs and our recent legal union, and learn a little more about these two beautiful countries. To really experience something new, we’ll be circumnavigating the massive European peninsula, mostly hugging the coastline(-ish) and not venturing inland more than 170km at any given point.* So this is where, for the purposes of this blog, the physical wandering (and hiking and cycling and swimming and other mobile and non-mobile activity-ing) part of Wanderbust shall really begin.**

Would you like to know where we’re headed?

Twist my arm. Bah, ecoutez, I’ve been looking at this list of cities for long enough, I may as well share with you the major throughpoints so you can get a sense of what we’ll be seeing and doing (I’ve linked to a few of the nicer tourism websites for the cities/areas to give you an idea).

To finish out the roundish trip, we will hit the slopes for a few days in Andorra or Aix-en-Thermes before returning to our new temporary home in Bretagne.

All in all it’s going to be a whirlwind of a time. I have a lot of little things I’m excited about — the Tamborrada Cultural Festival in San Sebastian; being overwhelmed by the grandeur of some giant, rugged land formations in Los Picos; visiting the hometowns of good friends; spending some quality time on my bike and in my hiking boots; Lisbon and Porto; the list goes on — but it all comes with a grain of “soucis” regarding making it count for something.

Of course, that is perhaps a topic for my next writing.

For now, just as soon as all of this packing nonsense is over and done with, Damn-fine-day will arrive and then you are going to be faced with a very excited, possibly quite silly and no-longer-overly-emotional moi. Promise!


* For reference, at its widest, Spain is approximately 1100km from North to South.
** I also at least owe some throwback posts and nostalgia talk about my trip to Japan in 2017… I’ll try to get to that soon.

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