How dost thou Bust? (a first read)

When you are embarking on a new life and you want that life to be radically different from what it was, the idea of making it “an adventure” often stands in the way of making it meaningful.

This is my goal. Make it meaningful. In all things and in all decisions, make it count – not just for you, but for as many people as possible. Mistakes will be made. Unfortunate things will happen. Then, so will great things happen and so will those mistakes become learning opportunities if you let them.

I wanted to call this blog “FML”, but in the end it discounts how many other people I might touch or who might touch me in some genuine, sweet way throughout the journey. So, this isn’t about “FML”. This is about getting up, wandering, doing something positive, making a difference in some small way; and no matter how many times I bust, getting back up and wandering a little more.


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